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International School of Carboxitherapy ISC

President: Dr. Gustavo Leibaschoff


      The International School of Carboxitherapy believes that is important to incorporate different techniques to the daily medical practice to achieve better treatments results.

      The objective of the ISC is to assist collegues that are willing to learn carboxitherapy through didactic  lectures and/or one-on-one training courses.

      Dr. Gustavo Leibaschoff, a pioneer educator in the field of Aesthetical  Medical Procedures, is currently lecturing and overseeing demonstrations at these training courses and workshops on a full-time basis.

      At the same time, he is always participating or promoting clinical researches to give a scientific response to the cosmetic medical field.

      He is looking to share his vast amount of experience around the world, maximizing the efficacy and safety of Cosmetic Medicine procedures.

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