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CO2 in Strecht Marks.... Many patients notice

     Many patients said: Each time I was pregnant, I put on three stone. After the babies were born, I was disappointed to find I had livid red marks running from my bikini area halfway up to my belly button. I also had stretch marks on my upper thighs. The marks had faded to silver and purple, but they were unattractive, indented and put me off wearing a bikini. I remember catching sight of my stomach in the mirror as I put on jeans and thinking it looked like crinkly old ruched blinds!

     Dr. explained Carboxytherapy with Carboxipen was most effective on newer stretch marks which are still red. These are treated once a week for two to three weeks, though sometimes only one session is needed. Old stretch marks need three or four treatments at three-weekly intervals. It was fascinating to see the gas bubbling under my skin, travelling down the line of each mark. Most of the injections were painless.

     The results really surprised me. After two month many of the stretch marks on my thighs had almost vanished. The ones on my stomach were less noticeable, thinner and more skin-coloured. I had a second treatment two weeks later. OK, I still have some stretch marks, but not only are they far less obvious, the texture of my tummy is tighter and less crinkly. I plan to have one more treatment, then maintenance in a few months' time. For anyone bothered by stretch marks, this quick and relatively inexpensive treatment is worth considering.

     Dr. also recommend me the use of Mesotherapy in combination with the Carboxytherapy for increase the result, with an special formula with Hyaluronic ac. and  DMAE.

     After this my skin was more hydration and look better.

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